About Us

we produce smart software in various business fields to create an unique experience in usability and simplicity.

Born in 2015 after collecting different experiences and became convinced that there is a different way to achieve software solutions.We believe that the ease of use of a solution should be the focus to bet before any other requirement.

We are a team with twenty years experience in the world of software acquired in different contexts.

We work for passion, and over the years we have received many awards on the field, for us most of the prizes are worth demonstrations of customer appreciation.

  • First advanced analytical solution dedicated to HR world.
  • Among the first Italian users of Microsoft Team Foundation Server with innovative solution strictly integrated on development process.

Our Services

BI Analytics for everyone!

We sell pre made data analysis packages solution such as HR, ERP, Sales Analysis. Our focus is to make high tech products accessible at the right cost.


We offer specialized consulting services on different technologies, QlikView, Geo Mapping Solutions, Microsoft Reporting and Analysis Services, ALM solution from development process to build management.


We are constantly developing and seeking new solutions and technologies to improve the user's perception of simplicity.

Fully Responsive

Data Navigation extremely fast

Modern Design

Modern and rich interface, designed for better usability

Easy to Use

This is our first thought when we think at a software solution!

Piazza Sempione 6
+39 3925598572
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